Testimonials & Awards for HTML Guard

What our customers say ...

Thanks for building this cool product. I am a registered user and will tell others about your product. I only wish I knew about HTML Guard sooner.

-- Tim H.

I really appreciate your responses to my questions and how fast you respond as well.

-- Julie S.

I am a registered user of HTML Guard and I can't tell you how happy I am having this! For short .. a job well done!

-- Cor V.

I have tried your product - HTML Guard - and found it to be truly amazing and a very good utility for every webmaster like me, who want to protect their work.

-- Nitesh N.

This is a great product. It works EXACTLY as advertised; there are no unfortunate surprises. And the price is superb. There are several products out there that are similar (some costing over $100 US), but none are priced like yours. Thank you for such a great value.

-- Kyle M.

Just had to write and tell you how absolutely cool your program is! I will be recommending it to everyone! Even I, with no experience with this kind of thing, was able to encrypt my pages, and everything works perfectly.

-- Sarah L.

Your program HTML Guard is a very clever piece of work!

-- Robert H.

I really like HTML Guard - it's simple to use and does the job real well.

-- Richard B.

HTML Guard is a GREAT utility in every way, you've really done a nice job with it, the help screens are excellent and easy to understand, the program is very well laid out, etc. Good work, I salute your impressive skills!

-- Michael St.

I ordered HTML Guard and am very impressed! Thank you!

-- Corie C.

Love your program. I've used it to encode source, disable right click and block select and it works perfectly.

-- Michael Sh.

I have been an HTML programmer since 1996 and have always worried about having my source code copied. THANKS TO YOU, I CAN NOW REST EASY, knowing that my source code will not be stolen.

-- Leo D.

I am a registered user of "HTML Guard" and find it is a great piece of software.

-- Floyd G.

Thanks and I will be both purchasing your product and recommending it to others.

-- Jeff C.

I have very much enjoyed your HTML Guard product. I have found it to be very useful in helping to retain my files on the web.

-- James M.

After testing most available HTML encryption products over the last 2-3 days, we downloaded HTML Guard yesterday and found it to be superior and obviously perfect for our needs.

-- Ian M.

I am a registered user of HTML Guard, which I find to be an excellent product.

-- Torsten N.

Thanks so much for this program! I've registered it and already put it to use on my website - now have to get to all the clients. I've been wanting something like this for SO long - spend thousands of hours working and have others nab it? No!

-- Debra R.

It was a blessing finding your HTML Guard software. It will provide me with an additional level of protection both from scalpers and spammers. I would also like to compliment on your interface being so smooth and very user friendly.

-- Mack W.

HTML Guard is an excellent tool for newbies like me!

-- Robert V.

I've been enjoying the use of HTML Guard. I haven't had any copyright violations since using it. I guess the people who steal find it too hard to copy.

-- Eddie R.

We own a license for your HTML Guard product and are EXTREMELY happy with it. Thank you for your clear explanations and VERY quick response. I will not hesitate to recommend your product to others.

-- James W.

Thanks a lot, and congratulations for the program! It's really excellent.

-- Gaby V.

I had looked for a few days for copy protection software, and your product is definitely the best solution available.

-- Daniel B.

Thank you very much. This has been a very useful tool. My favorite feature about it is when they try to print the page they get blank pages.

-- Joe L.

I just love your product, it's wonderful. Don't know what I would do without it :)

-- DJ W.

As a registered user of HTML Guard, I would like to thank you for creating such a great program. It's very easy to use and does a great job of protecting the source code of my scripts in web pages when I use it to encode them.

-- Richard E.

I really do appreciate the promptness of your response. Very refreshing.

-- Christopher Z.

I have been using HTML Guard since 2001 and I love it! Thank you so much for developing this great piece of software.

-- Kathleen B.

I've enjoyed using your product. It was very easy to add to our workflow. We use Dreamweaver and of course, HTML Guard.

-- Scott T.

Thank you for your very useful and timely response. You are an Internet treasure! If I can ever repay the favor, please do not hesitate to ask.

-- Howard K.

Your product is brilliant!

-- Pamela L.

Thanks for making this software available and at a reasonable price. :)

-- Michele G.

I would like to congratulate you on your great 'HTML Guard' product, I use it frequently.

-- Chris B.

I appreciate your response time and clarity.

-- Simon K.

I'm very impressed by the user interface of the program, clean and responsive.

-- Ference K.

Some of the awards HTML Guard has received


Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles


"100% CLEAN" Award from softpedia.com


5 Stars from rbytes.net


"Cool" Award from softizer.com


5 Stars from downloadrage.com


5 Stars from efreedown.com


5 Stars from softforall.com


"Excellent" Award from 5cup.com


"100% SAFE" Award from dodownload.com


"Editor's Choice" Award from fileedge.com


"Editor's Choice" Award from getfreesofts.com


"Tip of the Day" at shareware.de (German)


5 Stars from zdnet.de (German)