About Web Page Protection with HTML Guard

Protect yourself from web plagiarism!

The ease of copying content off the web is a nagging problem for website owners and designers. Just a few clicks are required to grab images, text or code snippets from a web page and put them online somewhere else. It's not just beginners who are tempted to misuse the web as a free source of almost anything.

HTML Guard offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution to fight web plagiarism. As an all-on-one package, the software includes various protection functions to help prevent people from saving a website's content in whole or in part. Among other things, it is capable of encrypting HTML code, blocking right click saving, disabling text selection, and restricting the browser's print function.

The protection applied by HTML Guard is based on modifying and extending the existing source code of a website. Pages protected with the software remain standards-compliant and are still viewable in any JavaScript-enabled web browser.

Try HTML Guard yourself and download the free demo version! Using the included step-by-step wizard you will be able to protect your website in next to no time.