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Use HTML Guard to protect your website's images, text and HTML code from being copied.

Version 3.3.4 for Windows

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Protecting Web Content with HTML Guard

Easy-to-use Copyright Protection for your Website

HTML Guard lets you encrypt the source code of your web pages and restrict browser functions to prevent unauthorized copying of your contents. All pages protected by HTML Guard retain their original look and feel and can still be viewed in any common JavaScript-enabled browser. No special installations are required - either on the client side or on your web server.

Try it for yourself and download the free demo version, or take a look at a sample page that has been protected using HTML Guard!

Get HTML Guard today because it ...

  • provides effective protection against website plagiarism.
    Be it HTML code, images, text, or included links - HTML Guard helps keep people from stealing your website's content in whole or in part. Among other things, it is capable of encrypting the HTML source code, preventing text selection, blocking the right mouse button and disabling the browser's print function.
  • keeps spam robots from harvesting email addresses from your pages.
    HTML Guard helps reduce the amount of spam ending up in your inbox by encrypting your email addresses, thus making them unreadable to automated spambots.
  • lets you precisely configure the protection functions you want to apply to your website.
    With HTML Guard you can selectively choose and adjust the level of protection that fits your needs. For instance, you can determine which parts of the code you wish to encrypt and define how to block right clicks.
  • includes an easy-to-use interface that allows you to protect complete websites with just a few clicks.
    Using the built-in wizard, even beginners can protect their website by applying a wide range of security functions in just a few steps.
  • comes with a detailed help file.
    While using HTML Guard you can always consult the comprehensive online help that is available by pressing F1 or clicking the Help button.
  • supports websites in all languages, no matter what character set is used.
    The software can effectively protect HTML files encoded in multi-byte character sets such as UTF-8 (Unicode), KOI8-R (Russian), BIG5 (Traditional Chinese), or Shift-JIS (Japanese).
  • is free to try.
    An evaluation copy of HTML Guard can be downloaded free of charge. You pay for it only if it suits your needs.

See HTML Guard in action!

Input pages you want to protect with HTML Guard Wizard that guides you through the process of securing your homepage Settings for encrypting HTML code

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